Chinnor Defibrillators


We now have 4 defibrillators in the village and since their installation people have asked me a number of questions about them.

These are the locations of the defib units - as of November 2017:

Wheatsheaf public house, Oakley Road
Whites field community hall, Mill Lane
Chinnor community pavilion, Station Road
Chinnor village centre, High Street


Have any of the defibrillators been used?

Happily no, try and think about them in the same way as fire extinguishers the less they need to be used the better!


How do I know where the defibrillators are?

Don't worry, the ambulance service control room knows where they are so you don't need to memorise their locations. Ambulance control will ask you if you are on your own or if there are other people present. Follow their instructions, if you are on your own they will tell you to start CPR If there is another person present and a defibrillator is indicated they will be directed to the nearest one and given the code to open the case. However, the decision to send you will be based on the fact that ambulance control will know your location, the location of the defibrillator and the location of the nearest responding resource such as a Community First Responder (who will have a defibrillator with them) an ambulance or rapid response vehicle. Depending on this information and the time and distances involved, ambulance control may suggest you wait for them to arrive.


How do I know how to work the defibrillator?

You don't need to. Once you have open the defibrillator it will tell you exactly what to do (in a very loud voice which can be quite alarming) Just follow its instructions, remember one of you at the incident will still be on the phone to control who will stay with you and give advice and support until help arrives.


If the patient comes round do we still need the ambulance?

Yes the person will still need to go to hospital so keep on the phone to the ambulance service.


Suppose I make a mistake and hurt the patient?

You will not do any harm to the patient. If their heart has stopped and they are not breathing, it can only get better. It is totally the responsibility of the defibrillator to assess for, and deliver the shock to the patient.

When the Community First Responder arrives they will ask what happened and assess the situation. The best plan is to follow their instructions as they have a set protocol to follow but your personal expertise and knowledge will be respected and welcomed

The responder team in Chinnor provide defibrillator awareness updates on a regular basis but if your organisation or group would like a session we would be very pleased to help.


Contact us through the Parish Council office – 01844 353267


Fiona Mantle

Chinnor Community First Responders.


Christmas Tree Recycle Point


Christmas Tree Recycling...

White's Field Car Park, Mill Lane, Chinnor


Return your old tree to the coned off area in the car park by Saturday 13 January 2018

(Trees left after this date will not be accepted)

Meet PCSO George - 20th Nov



Have Your Say Meetings:

• PCSO George Twiddy, Chinnor

Monday 20th November,

3-4pm, Chinnor Community Pavilion

News from Biffa



Textiles & Small Electrical Items collected from the kerbside weekly!
Biffa has stated that one normal sized carrier bag of textiles can be collected every week. One carrier bag per household only can be collected by the food waste crew.
Small electrical items must fit perfectly in a carrier bag and will be collected by the recylcing/refuse team.


Chinnor Tennis Club - News



Non members are invited to play at Chinnor Tennis Club.

Families: 1st Saturday of each month between 11am and 12 noon

Over 18's: 1st Sunday of each month from 10.30am to 12 noon


Starting 7th October 2017

Please wear trainers


Location: Chinnor Tennis Club, The Playing Fields, Station Road, Chinnor

Press Release



From Chinnor Parish Council Chairman – Cllr Robin Williams

Chinnor Neighbourhood Development Plan went to referendum on the 7th September 2017 where the question was posed:

Do you want South Oxfordshire District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Chinnor to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

The outstanding result was:

Number cast in favour of a Yes    1744   96%

Number cast in favour of a No     77    4%

Turnout: 36.4 %

Chinnor Parish Council are delighted with this result and would like to thank all those residents who took part in the preparation of the Plan either by contributing to the Consultations or by participating in the preparation of the Plan itself and, of course, those who voted in the referendum.  Particular thanks must go to the Plan's Steering Committee who worked extremely hard in the preparation of the Plan over the last three years. Such a Plan would not have been achieved without their dedicated and tireless efforts – efforts which are greatly appreciated by the Council.

The Parish Council sees the Chinnor Neighbourhood Development Plan as a key opportunity to put localism into action, bringing forward a positive vision for our area which can be realised on the ground as decisions are made in the future.

We must now ensure that the Plan works in ensuring that Chinnor remains the delightful place it is without wanton but with sustainable development.

Cllr Robin Williams

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