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MINUTES of the FULL COUNCIL MEETING held on 23rd January 2017

PRESENT: Cllr's Ashdown, Flint, Haywood, Higgs, Rowton-Lee, Watson, Williams, Wright and Young.

1. Apologies: Cllr Searl, Cllr Minter, Cllr Bird
2. Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations:
Cllr Ashdown – P16/S4171/FUL – neighbour of proposed development

3. Public Question time: 23 members of the public were present
A resident of Henton spoke regarding the need for a pathway connection from Chinnor, pass Wainhill junction and to Henton. Also needed are more signs warning about horses on road as the cars are speeding coming towards Chinnor.
Two residents spoke regarding detailed objections to planning application P16/S4171/FUL – the main concern was regarding AONB land and the damage to the chalk grasslands plus the past applications which have been refused on this piece of land.
All public present were given a sheet detailing the valid reasons for objecting to a planning application.

4. Minutes of previous meeting to be agreed and signed:
09-01-17 Full Council Meeting signed by Cllr Williams

5. Planning Section led by Cllr Wright - Planning applications to be considered:

P17/S0001/FUL Proposed demolition of existing building and the erection of 6 x 3 bed dwellings with associated parking and amenity space – revision to planning permission P16/S2376/FUL at 20 Thame Road. Recommendation: Approval

P16/S3573/RM (Reserved Matters) Application following outline permission P15/S1547/O for the erection of a detached chalet style dwelling with access, parking and amenity space at 19 Church Lane. Recommendation: Approval

Cllr Ashdown sat with the public and took no part in discussion with the following application

P16/S4171/FUL Erection of 10 bungalows with associated garaging, landscaping and all supporting infrastructure at land east of Golden Hills. Letter from residents to be considered.
Recommendation: Refusal
1) Development has an adverse affect on AONB both looking to and from AONB.
2) Development would produce a significant outlier to village boundary extending to the south beyond even to the line of Old Kiln lakes.
3) The site was not approved for development on SCHLAA approved sites for development.
4) The site is not identified for development on recently submitted Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan
5) In light of submission of Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan this is a premature application.
6) The site is of considerable scientific interest as it is a chalk meadow which has not been ploughed for at least 25 years.
7) Given the proposal is for bungalows, the site is too far from village facilities for elderly or disabled residents.

Cllr Ashdown returned to the council table.

5.1 Planning Permission granted by SODC
P16/S3713/HH Single storey pitched roof extension to replace existing. Single storey pitched roof side and front extensions to existing house. Proposed new drop kerb and parking area. As amended on 6-12-16 at 7 Springfield Gardens.
P16/S3303/FUL Change of use and conversion from light industrial B1 to residential C3 as a single two-bedroom apartment at Ground Floor 118 Station Road.

5.2 Planning Matters
5.2.1 Consultation on SODC Draft Statement of Community Involvement – as emailed to all on 12-1-17. All members to respond as individuals to consultation.

6. Environment led by Cllr Higgs
6.1 Email from a resident of Henton regarding request for a connecting walkway was discussed – it was agreed for The Clerk to contact OCC and arrange a meeting to discuss a way forward for improvements along this road.
6.2 August Marquee in White's Field – applications for use of marquee end on 1st March – to date we have 3 applications registered.
6.3 Annual Assembly – Monday 13th March – Cllrs Wright, Higgs, Ashdown and Watson to meet soon to discuss the Assembly and make arrangements for what is required.

Cllr Williams was voted to Chair the F&GP Committee – all in favour

7. Finance and General Purposes led by Cllr Williams
7.1 The bills for payment to be approved
SODC – dog bin empty 1-10-16 to 31-12-16 £ 226.04
Greenfield Partnership – Christmas tree supply and delivery £ 672.00
Prudential – AVC £ 150.00
OCC Pension Fund £1808.63
Post Office Ltd – PAYE £1792.29
Blanchfords – WFCH decorating supplies £ 214.66
Fresh Air Fitness – fitness equipment repair £ 142.44
Grundon Waste – waste wheeler empty December 16 £ 110.08
Premier Tail-lifts – VC Mini bus grant £ 243.06
Risborough Service – VC Mini bus £ 190.68
Lamps and Tubes – Christmas light final payment for year 1 £ 961.50
Justin Bucknell Electrical – Church Hall Grant £2000.00
Thames Valley Police – Q3 invoice for PCSO £4258.25
Bulk Payment – DD salaries £4981.40
Tesco Mobile – Groundsmen phone - DD £ 7.75
Scottish Power – WFCH electric – paid monthly at £198.00 £ 661.12
RPC Locksmith – new lock on WFCH front door plus spare keys £ 80.00

7.2 Cllr Rowton-Lee reported on land ownership of car park area on Church Lane – The Clerk to contact the owner and request clearance works begin soon.
7.3 Cllr Flint and Cllr Rowton-Lee to meet soon to review all Parish Council owned assets along with all landlords Duties with regard to anniversary of Lease of the Community pavilion and 36 Station Road, Chinnor. Photographic inspection to be carried out on an annual basis in agreement with the tenants.
7.4 Cllr Ashdown approved the quote for a new bus shelter on the High Street by SAS Shelters at a value of £3195.00 plus VAT following full review of all four quotes obtained. Seconded by Cllr Flint. All in favour.
7.5 A request for a new salt bin on Hill Top Lane was discussed again following update from residents who have agreed to pay for the 400 litre, green bin.
It was approved by vote: 7 in favour, 2 abstained.
The Parish Council to order a bin through OCC once payment from residents is received.

8. Clerks Report – items not needing notice of decisions:
The Clerk reported on on-going parking complaints and requested a written report from Cllr Watson following her recent survey in order that this can be passed onto OCC. Clerk to obtain outcome from SODC with regard to reducing the permitted parking time at the High Street Car Park.

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